Custom Bridesmaid shirts while getting ready for your wedding!

The wedding bells are ringing. Before you know it your big day will be here! This blog is to help you make sure you have some of those “easy to forget” things in line before the big day. Even “small” forgotten about details can make a big deal in contributing to memories and the flow of the day in general.

creative bridesmaid shirts

Here is what to bring:

A positive attitude. Start the day out with happiness and positives thoughts. Though one could never know what a day will bring, keeping a cool head helps things pan out better.

A small wallet. There will be a lot of running around, and maybe even some random stops at the store. To have a mini wallet can make things easier. There is no need to carry all your usual belongings. Especially, with all the bumping around from site to site it’s easier to … Read the rest