Custom Bridesmaid shirts while getting ready for your wedding!

The wedding bells are ringing. Before you know it your big day will be here! This blog is to help you make sure you have some of those “easy to forget” things in line before the big day. Even “small” forgotten about details can make a big deal in contributing to memories and the flow of the day in general.

creative bridesmaid shirts

Here is what to bring:

A positive attitude. Start the day out with happiness and positives thoughts. Though one could never know what a day will bring, keeping a cool head helps things pan out better.

A small wallet. There will be a lot of running around, and maybe even some random stops at the store. To have a mini wallet can make things easier. There is no need to carry all your usual belongings. Especially, with all the bumping around from site to site it’s easier to keep track of.

Grab all your smell goods. In order to stay fresh all day long. Bring a travel-size deodorant, some perfume, and some breath mints.

Electronics. Don’t forget the electronics! They help to create a memorable day. Keep your mobile phones charged up to take candid shots of pre-ceremony happenings. Make sure to have on hand plenty of chargers. To be sure everything stays powered up!

One fun thing to add to your mix is bridesmaids t-shirts. It is a fun way to unify everyone for the day, and have a token of remembrance after the day is said and done

Check out these creative bridesmaid shirts :

The Party Bridesmaid” shirt is a simple t-shirt with a flare of attitude! You can use this t-shirt for dual purposes. One could be for a bachelorette party and then again for getting ready on the wedding day. There’s quite a variety of colors to choose from with the sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

“Friends Themed Bridesmaid Shirt- I’ll Be There for You” It’s quite the unifying matching bridesmaid shirt . This is a great option if you prefer more uniformity amongst your bridesmaids. There are 13 colors to choose from with sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

“Trendy Bride Squad” shirt. A Perfect combo of simple chic. This is a lovely option if you like “stand out” color contrast. The color contrast between the shirt and the scripting makes it pop! It is available in 13 colors with sizes ranging from small to 3XL

“No One Likes a Salty Beach”. This is a fun option if you are going to take your girls out for a day on the beach! This head-spinning pink top is the perfect bride and her tribe option. Turn some heads and spread the attitude! Available in 5 Sleek colors, ranging in size extra small to 2XL.

“Retro Babe”, shirt. Everybody loves retro, right? This is a great option if you would like to provide your bridal party with a shirt that they can wear even after the bridal day fun is over! Available in multi retro supported colors ranging in size small to 3XL.

Jcubedk has many more tantalizing custom bridesmaid shirts. Want to have more fun in the process? Why not invite your girls over and a take poll for which design to go with make it a fun game or competition!